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Portable Nebulizer for Adults and Children

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In stock
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Nebulizer Machine for Adults & Kids: Portable nebulizer designed both for adults and kids.

Nebulizer quickly & efficiently changes liquid to mist.

Nebulized particles are smaller than 5 microns.

Lightweight and Portable: Lightweight, suitable for home or travel use.

Battery/USB Cable: Please don’t use the battery and USB cable at the same time.

Handheld nebulizer is not rechargeable. It needs 2 AA batteries or connects usb cable to socket to make it work.

Add the liquid to the cup and be ready to press the button and use it.

Nebulization Method: Be sure to fill the reservoir enough so that the liquid fully contacts the nebulizer piece, and then choose the nebulization method and accessory as desired for direct inhalation, mask inhalation, or mouthpiece inhalation.

Quite Rest Mode: The noise of the nebulizer machine is less than 25 decibels, and there is only a subtle fog sound, which offers a less anxiety-provoking experience for children or the elderly. without worrying about a scary or annoying noise.